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Welcome to the petrol boys co.

THE start of petrol boys co.

After spending over 10 years in development and production of specialty automotive fluids in ready made- and filled private label endproduct for the biggest brands in the business, we know what drives your own production business. Private label production of filled product is a complex business in which customers usually pay too much for the entire production from formula mixing to ready made- and filled end-product. We have our focus on the type of customer with its own filling capacity and marketing and sales force. Most of the times all the components are already there and production lines are not operated to the maximum of their capacity. And all you need is a fine product to fill your bottles! This is where you call the Petrol Boys. We live to supply you with tailor made quality technical fluids- and lubricants in large bulk trade packaging! We also work for private label oil brands with the demand to supply branded oil-drums to garages and (heavy) industry.

one stop shopping

Petrol Boys have made many miles collecting all the right sources for quality products. Our strenght is to provide you with the same convenience as a Petrol Station does. All you do is drive in and you have all you need in one stop. One order can provide you with all the technical lubricants  you need to run your business. We combine the freight so you have a reduced cost price on your end product. Plus the quality benefits you need for new generation vehicles and/or industial purposes. You name it, we have it! 

Mission & Statement

why should you work with us!?

"petrol boys"

Petrol Boys is a combination of the reference to petroleum, our wish to contribute to better performing cars and our preference of being “petrolheads”, the general name for car enthusiastic people. It is also the reference to the internal combustion engine and all associated fluids that are inherent to the engine system. We aim to serve as if you were serviced like your favorite garage or Gas Pump Service Station, where you can get all you need for your car with a smile and be on your way.

mission statement

We serve to order. Our services are based on the large global demand for technical fluids for vehicles and the ever changing trend of cleaner engines. Associated with this we supply to the worldwide demand of wholesalers trying to keep up with this technical progress and the request for new problem solving products. We supply a wide range of modern after market lubricants (oil), greases, brake fluids, antifreeze, coolants, fuel- oil additives, a/c products and special chemicals for use in the mobility, heavy duty and industrial sector. In addition to this standard program, many products can be manufactured upon request, so that our customers have customized specifications for the needs of their market.