Diesel Cetane Boost

Fuel additive for all diesel engines for improving ignition performance. Increases the cetane rating of poor diesel fuel by 2 – 5 points, immediately improving engine performance and fuel efficiency enabling fuel save and toxic emission reduction.

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Density at 15°C g/cm³: 0,78-0,80
Flash Point: 60°C
Physical state: Light amber liquid


  • Increasing cetane number by 2 – 5 points
  • Improving and restoring performance
  • Improving combustion, power and fuel economy
  • Improved cold start performance and ignition quality
  • Saving fuel
  • Reducing toxic emissions

How to use:

(TD upon request)

Developed to make all diesel engines (including common rail) run on normal or low sulfur diesel fuel.

Suitable for Diesel Particulate Filters and catalysts.



Bulk Packaging

60L, 200L, 14000L