LCV TDI HD Engine Oil 15W-40

High Performance Heavy Duty Supermultigrade Diesel Engine Oil for LCV and Heavy Duty machinery.

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SAE Viscosity grade : 15W-40
Kin. Viscosity at 100°C :  14-15,5 mm2/s
Viscosity index : 140
Flash point COC : 210°C
Pour point : -25°C
TBN :  10,5 mgKOH/g
Sulphated Ash :  1,52 %Wt


  • Advanced detergent/ dispersant additive system maintains power output by providing outstanding deposit control
  • Highly effective detergent additive system minimizes piston crown land deposits which can lead to damaged bore polishing
  • Proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system reduces wear in engines under severe service by forming a protective layer on all metal contact surfaces
  • Mid-ash, medium dispersant formulation provides very good overall performance in mixed fleets of multiple diesel engine


Developed for Indian market requirements. Recommended For TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, M&M, Escorts, HCV & LCV. Also recommended for high performance tractors of all makes like TAFE, Swaraj, HMT, New Holland Sonalika & Diesel Generators where API CF-4, 15W-40 is recommended.

Note: Not suitable for diesel car with DPF.

Packaging info:

Formats in ml : 1L | 3L
Carton size 1L : 20 pcs
Carton size 3L : 4 pcs
Full pallet 1L : 1000 units
Full pallet 3L : 300 units
MOQ : 2000 pcs

Performance level:

API CF4/SJ, MACK T8-A, MB 228.1



Bulk Packaging

1 Liter bottle, 3 Liter Bottle


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