Polish & Shine Cleaners

AEROSOL: Cleaning up your car or making the finishing touch after service/maintenance can be done real easy with a wide spectrum of applications and excellent cleaning action. Specifically designed for cleaning car parts and the exterior of the car. Essential for every car garage to bring service and a smile to the end-customer.


  1. Spray wax & shine Spray wax based on synthetic and natural waxes, oils, solvents and water. The product cleans, and protects for a long time, giving  a quick polish. Wax & shine is perfectly suitable for a quick super shine treatment for cars, caravans, polyester boats, synthetic window frames, motorbikes, bicycles, garden furniture, chromium etc.
  2. Stainless steel/Chrome polish Solvent based stainless steel cleaner is a polish based on oil and solvents to clean matt and glossy stainless steel surfaces. It removes grease films, prevents finger marks, makes treated surfaces look new.
  3. Tire Shine Foam Silicon based tire foam developed for cleaning and protecting tires. After treatment with the foam, tires revert to their original natural dark color.
  4. Cockpit shine A wide range of silicon, silicon-free and water based cockpit sprays for touching up dashboards and other plastic materials inside cars.
  5. Bumper & plastic renew kit A polish that restores the original black finish to sun-faded plastic materials such as car bumpers.

(TD per type upon request)

Packaging info:

Aerosol formats in ml : 300 – 400 – 500 – 600
Aerosol labelled with basic peel off sticker stating GHS symbols and danger sentences
Carton size : 300 – 600ml : 6 or 12 pcs
Full pallet 300 – 600ml : 1008 units
MOQ : 2 full pallets
Be aware : ADR goods


Bumper & Plastic Renew kit, Cockpit Shine, Spray Wax & Shine, Stainless Steel / Chrome Polish, Tire Shine Foam

Bulk Packaging

200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 600ml