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XL Car Wipes, Wheel Cleaning Wipes – Flow 16pc


Armor All wipes are famous for easy cleaning. As they say “Looking good, made easy” it certainly applies to the handy flow pack with 16 XL wheel wipes to make your car look clean, fresh, shiny and ready.. on the go!

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The speediest way of cleaning your wheels and make them shine. No water, bucket or hose needed.

16 XL wipes with special thick and open structure to collect brake dust, carbon, dirt, sand and grime. Impregnated wipes with detergents and protective ingredients making an easy wheel wash treatment in just one step. Simply wipe and clean each wheel with just one wipe. Comes in a tight flow pack for easy storage and easy use.

Easy use for 4 treatments.

  • Quick one-step waterless cleaning on the go!
  • Specially formulated with cleaning and shining agents to remove tough soils and brake dust
  • Thick textured wipe grabs and holds dirt
  • No bucket or hose needed
  • Use anywhere, any time, for spot cleaning or cleaning wheels between washes
  • Safe for all factory wheels when used as directed