Diesel DPF Cleaner Premium

Premium DPF product working as a fuel-based catalyst for the regenerator sensor-unit inside the DPF for burning out the soot load at lower temperatures. The problem with start/stop engines and/or short distance travels is that modern diesel engines with a DPF system do not heat up enough to reach the burning-soot-level and more soot is formed during combustion. A car, which is equipped with a soot filter, is programmed to regenerate the soot filter once the exhaust has reached the soot filter regeneration temperature, around 600°C. DPF Cleaner Premium adds a catalyst to the fuel to lower this temperature to approx. 400°C, making it easier for carbon particles to oxidize. This will reduce the back pressure in the exhaust, causing the turbo to flush faster and automatically decrease the fuel consumption.

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Density at 15°C g/cm³: 0,78-0,80
Flash Point: 64°C
Physical state: Amber to brown liquid


  • Cleaning and regenerating clogged Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) without dismantling
  • Reducing ignition temperature to burn unresolved soot particles collected in the diesel particulate filter
  • Preventing fail-safe mode due to clogged filters and sensors
  • Carefree functioning of the DPF and exhaust system
  • Extending the operational lifetime of the DPF, preventing expensive replacement
  • Improving performance; more torque at low revs because there is no back pressure from the DPF
  • Preventing toxic emissions
  • Restoring and optimizing functioning of the turbo
  • Higher power output
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Suitable for all diesel engines with a soot filter.

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1:133, 1:167

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