Manual Gearbox Oil Improver + PTFE

Gearbox additive is formulated for manual and heavy duty manual transmissions, final drives and differentials. Treatment to protect against friction and stress of high loads by providing a PTFE film to the gears in heavy duty trucks, vans and passenger cars. Gearbox Oil Improver provides protection for the extreme pressure requirements of hypoid, spur, bevel, helical and worm gears.
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Density at 20°C g/cm³: 0,88-0,90
Flash Point: 140°C
Physical state: Amber liquid


  • Reducing friction through Teflon© microns (polytetrafluoroethylene) film inside
  • Durable viscosity modifiers provide protection in extreme operating conditions
  • Containing gear lube with high quality suitable for differential gear systems in HD trucks, LCV and passenger cars
  • Preventing sprockets, gears and bearings from wearing
  • Reducing wear on small parts inside gearbox
  • Protecting against rust, corrosion, oxidation and sludge
  • Improving smoother shifting
  • Reduces switching noises
  • Keeping transmission seals in good condition.
  • Synthetic formula is compatible with both mineral and synthetic gear oils.
  • Increasing operational life of the transmission

How to use:

(TD upon request)

Be aware:

Oil quality, oil age, filling volume and weather conditions will effect additive activity. Make sure the oil content does not exceed the maximum oil level in your gearbox.

Gearoil treatment with Teflon has been developed for all gearboxes, differentials, rear axles, etc.

NOT suitable for automatic transmissions, DSG, Powershift, limited slip differentials, CVT’s, etc.


Gearbox Oil Treatment + PTFE

Bulk Packaging

60L, 200L, 600L, 1000L, 14000L