Motoroil Improver PTFE+ (Cerflon®)

Oil additive of the next generation. The performance of this product surpasses PTFE properties and all existing comparable products through the use of micro-ceramic particles. The micro-ceramic particles are very strong solid lubricants that lower the coefficient of friction and resist very high temperatures and pressures. Because of their nano size, these particles are absolutely safe for the oil filter.

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Density at 20°C g/cm³: 0,87-0,90
Flash Point: 110°C
Physical state: Offwhite liquid


  • Optimizing power and minimizing fuel consumption
  • Lowering oil consumption
  • Extending the service life of the engine
  • Reducing toxic emissions
  • Reducing engine noises
  • Exceptional protection with cold engine
  • Mixes with all types of engine oil
  • Suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines
  • Also suitable for engines equipped with a soot filter
  • Optimal results in passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and industrial engines

How to use:

(TD upon request)

Be aware:

Oil quality, oil age, filling volume and weather conditions will effect additive activity. Make sure the oil content does not exceed the maximum oil level in your engine.


Motoroil Improver PTFE+ (Cerflon)

Bulk Packaging

60L, 200L, 600L, 1000L, 14000L