Visco Stability Plus

Specially formulated oil additive developed for engines with internal wear and high oil consumption. To be used when blue smoke exhaust indicates oil-loss and/or mixing with fuel combustion. Visco Stability Plus increases the viscosity index of the oil, making the oil film thicker. It is a part of preventive maintenance for old and worn out engines to offer maximum engine protection.


Density at 20ºC g/cm³: 0,88-0,90
Physical state: Brown liquid


  • Increasing the viscosity index of the oil
  • Reducing oil consumption and (blue) exhaust smoke
  • Reducing engine noise and noise from the hydraulic valve tappets
  • Preventing metal to metal contact at higher loads
  • Strengthens the oil film at higher loads and temperatures
  • Increasing engine life, reliability and performance by increasing the compression ratio
  • Protecting against corrosion, oxidation, rust and wear
  • Suitable for all mineral and synthetic oils
  • Harmless to the catalyst and Diesel Particle Filter

How to use:

(TD upon request)

Use of Visco Stability Plus is recommended if oil consumption is more than 1L per 1.000km or the engine is expected to perform in extremely high ambient temperatures (35 – 50°C). Suitable for all gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbochargers. No filter clogging and compatible with all retail engine oils and OEM catalytic converters.

LV version:

250-350ml treats up to 6 liters of motor oil. Use directly post oil (filter) change or into used oil to improve smearing.

CARGO version:

1000ml treats up to 24 liters of motor oil. Use directly post oil (filter) change or into used oil to improve smearing.

Be aware:

Oil quality, oil age, filling volume and weather conditions will effect additive activity. Make sure the oil content does not exceed the maximum oil level in your engine.


Visco Stability Plus, Visco Stability Plus – CARGO –

Bulk Packaging

60L, 200L, 600L, 1000L, 14000L