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Motoroil Flush

Oil based additive developed for flushing, rinsing and cleaning heavily polluted engines from sludge, gum, rust and varnish. Designed to clean the engine internally before carrying out an oil change. The perfectly coordinated set of effective detergent and dispersant additives in combination with the oil based carrier dissolves sludge and lacquer quickly and reliably.

(also available: solvent based oil flush)

  • Oil based
  • Solvent based
  • 200L
  • 1000L
  • 14000L


Density at 20°C g/cm³: 0,87-0,90
Flash Point: 200°C
Physical state: Colorless liquid


  • Cleaning the engine internally to dissolve all residu of oil-sludge and gums
  • Removing deposits and varnishes from the engine without affecting seals and gaskets
  • Contributes to the prevention of oil loss through gaskets and seals
  • Extending the life of an engine
  • Extending oil-change interval
  • Neutralizes combustion acids
  • Improving engine performance
  • Reducing engine noises
  • Reducing oil consumption
  • Improving oil pressure
  • Reducing exhaust emissions
  • Preventing contamination of fresh oil after oil change
  • Compatible with all mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic motor oils

How to use:

(TD upon request)


Oil based, Solvent based

Bulk Packaging

200L, 1000L, 14000L

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