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Car Tech Cleaners

AEROSOL: Fuel system, EGR- and intake systems, valves, injectors, combustion chambers, engine parts, particle filters and many more important engine specifics are receptive for (carbon) deposits which are hard to remove. Development of the technical sprays is done in cooperation with engine manufacturors to make sure you have the best and most effective product with the highest quality for every dirty job.

  • Carburetor and Injection Cleaner
  • DPF Cleaner
  • EGR Intake Cleaner
  • 500ml


  1. Carburetor and Injection Cleaner Aggressive cleaner for parts of the fuel system to remove contaminations as carbon and grease deposits, resin, gum, oxidation on parts such as valves, actuators, EGR-valves, injectors, throttle valves, air mass meters and carburetor parts. Leaves no film residue that causes jamming of parts. Removes carbon and grease deposits, resin, gum, oxidation, etc.
  2. EGR Intake Cleaner EGR-& Intake Cleaner has excellent cleaning properties for optimum cleaning of all combustion engines. Intake Cleaner dissolves and removes carbon residues and lacquer-like compounds from the complete combustion system of the engine. Is not harmful for the catalyst. Improvement of the  engine-performances. Improvement of the  engine-performances. Improvement of the  engine-performances
  3. DPF/ Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner Foaming cleaning- agent for loosening carbon and ash deposits in diesel particulate filters (DPF). Foam penetrates deep into the porous ceramic honeycomb body of the filter. Regeneration of heavy soot contaminated DPF ’s. Regeneration of heavy soot contaminated DPF ’s. To avoid loss of power or other problems caused by a clogged DPF. To avoid problems due to short distance driving. (To avoid problems due to short distance driving)

(TD per type upon request)

Packaging info:

Aerosol formats in ml : 500
Aerosol labelled with basic peel off sticker stating GHS symbols and danger sentences
Carton size : 500ml : 6 pcs
Full pallet 500 – 500ml : 1008 units
MOQ : 2 full pallets
Be aware : ADR goods


Carburetor and Injection Cleaner, DPF Cleaner, EGR Intake Cleaner

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