Special Paints & Coatings

AEROSOL: Coatings and paints are indispensable products used aroud the paint and repair shop. Quick and easy repairs save time and money. With these quality coatings the solution is always within reach.

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  1. Clear coating A clear acrylic based lacquer that gives a glossy, flexible, tough and UV protective coating. Clear coat is solvent resistant to alcohols, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  2. Control black Temporary coating for surface control (car) bodywork damage repair.
  3. Transport Coating (Temporary Wax Coating) Anti corrosion wax coating to protect machinery and vehicles for transportation and or storage . Can also be use on sheets of metals, tools ect.
  4. Motor Protection Lacquer A transparent flexible coating for protecting the engine and electrical components such as spark plugs, electric cables and headlights.
  5. Fade out thinner Special thinner that can be used to fade out overspray of colored and clear coatings.
  6. Heat resistant black & silver coatings Aerosol sprays for building up a very heat resistant coating layer (600° C) with anti-corrosive properties. To be used on exhaust pipes, grills, stoves and other metals exposed to high temperatures. Colors: black and silver.
  7. Zinc coat A heavy matt-grey zinc coating for metals for building up a tough film with excellent anti-corrosion properties. Zinc coating is very useful where extreme corrosion protection is desired,. including touching up metal parts after welding and providing long-term protection of metal assemblies.
  8. Zinc-phosphate primer Alkyd resin based zinc-phosphate anti-corrosion primer. The high content of zinc pigment and phosphate provides an anti-corrosion coating with excellent adhesive properties. The product can be used before and after welding. Zinc phosphate primer can be painted over with most types of lacquer systems.
  9. Glossy zinc-aluminum coat Acrylic resin based semi-glossy silver tone coating with good electrochemical corrosion protection on metal by means of the pure zinc and aluminum pigments.

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Packaging info:

Aerosol formats in ml : 300 – 600
Aerosol labelled with basic peel off sticker stating GHS symbols and danger sentences
Carton size : 300 – 400ml : 12 pcs
Carton size : 500 – 600ml : 6 pcs
Full pallet 300 – 400ml : 1200 units
Full pallet 500 – 600ml : 1008 units
MOQ : 2 full pallets
Be aware : ADR goods


Clear Coating, Control Black, Fade Out Thinner, Glossy Zinc Aluminum Coating, Heat Resistant Black & Silver Coating, Motor Protection Lacquer, Transport Coating, Zinc Coating, Zinc-Phosphate Primer

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