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AEROSOL: Assembly Paste and assemlby grease for mounting non-moving fixed parts which have to hold a heavy load. Makes assembly easier and recovers lightly damaged threads and worms. Molybdenum disulfide and copper based.

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  1. Aluminum + MoS2 assembly paste Facilitates easy assembly and disassembly of cylindrical parts under heavy operating conditions. This product is used to lubricate and seal cylindrical parts, bearings, gearwheels, etc. at low speed. It assures easy disassembly after operating under severe working conditions at temperatures up to 450° C. Prevents fretting and wear. Food grade NSF H2 category approval.
  2. Copper grease assembly paste Based on grease, mineral oils, copper pigments and additives. Copper assembly paste can be used for heavy thermo loaded building parts exposed to high pressure and corrosive influences. The paste can be used at high temperatures from ­ 40° C to +1100°C. Prevents screw threads from rusting and has an excellent conducting properties. Also prevents brake lining from squeaking.
  3. Ceramic Grease WHITE A high quality product based on mineral oils, fine dispersed ceramic particles and lubricant agents. These agents contain anti-corrosive additives for use from -20° C to approximately +1200° C. Ceramic grease is white and can be used everywhere agents containing colored or metal powder cannot or may not be used. Prevents galvanic or graphite corrosion.
  4. Ceramic Grease GREY Calcium-complex based grease with mineral oils, fine dispersed ceramic particles, boron nitride and additives. Ceramic grease is suitable for use where copper based greases would normally be used, i.e. where a considerable amount of heat is generated and/or water is present. It lubricates and separates under extreme temperatures and pressure loads, hinders weld seals, seizures and corrosion. This product reduces the effect of caustic acids and chemicals and is resistant to fresh and salt water. Ideal for the lubrication of ABS braking systems, wheel nuts, exhaust manifolds bolts and other fasteners subject to very high temperature or corrosive conditions. Benefits:
    – Good lubrication within a wide temperature range
    – Excellent corrosion inhibitor
    – Good resistance to water
    – High adhesive properties for most metals
    Boron nitride is an advanced synthetic ceramic material with such unique properties as high heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity.

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Packaging info:

Aerosol formats in ml : 300 – 400 – 500 – 600
Aerosol labelled with basic peel off sticker stating GHS symbols and danger sentences
Carton size : 300 – 600ml : 6 or 12 pcs
Full pallet 400 – 600ml : 1008 units
MOQ : 2 full pallets
Be aware : ADR goods


Aluminum + MoS2 assembly paste, Ceramic Grease Grey, Ceramic Grease White, Copper Grease assembly paste

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